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רמקול מוגבר Pioneer XPRS 10

מחיר: 6,290.00 
משלוח: חינם בהזמנה מעל 350₪*
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יצרן: Pioneer
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רמקול מוגבר Pioneer XPRS 10

רמקול מוגבר Pioneer XPRS 10


Natural Expression

The XPRS Series active PA speakers are compact and portable, yet high powered. Forget complicated setups and tangled cables as this system offers straightforward, plug-and-play use. Pioneer Pro Audio sound engineering technology and the use of Powersoft amps ensures these mobile speakers are reliable and energy efficient, making them suitable for all music genres and environments.

The XPRS10 single PA speaker combines a 10-inch ferrite LF driver, a 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm compression driver and Pioneer Pro Audio’s AFAST technology to deliver crystal clear audio with a deep bass range. Being compact, plug-and-play and easy to transport, this speaker is a reliable partner on the road, for any venue.

*The XPRS10 is sold individually as a single speaker.



Natural, full-range sound

The 15-mm birch plywood cabinet, 10-inch ferrite LF driver and 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm compression driver reproduce a clean, full-range sound with low distortion, even at high outputs. Plus, the XPRS10’s compact horn sounds bright and clear.

Powersoft Class D amps

Powersoft’s Class D amp modules produce 2400 W (peak) or 1200 W (continuous) output. The Power Factor Correction (PFC) reduces power consumption while ensuring steady performance in all environments.

AFAST acoustic tube

Pioneer Pro Audio’s AFAST technology drastically reduces standing waves that can produce a muffled response in the low to mid ranges. An acoustic tube in the cabinet absorbs only the standing waves, increasing the low-to-mid frequency response.

4 EQ modes

Adapt to a variety of genres and environments using the rotary selector switch on the back of the speaker to give you instant access to 4 EQ modes: Flat, Bass +, Speech and Wedge.

  • Flat: neutral production of the source audio.
  • Bass +: amplifies the bass for dance music events.
  • Speech: produces clear vocal sounds for seminars and speeches.
  • Wedge: reduces the low frequencies to give a more balanced sound if you’re using the speaker as a floor monitor.

Advanced protection

The XPRS10 speaker is packed with features to protect the drivers, amp and power supply in to Amplifier module – giving you peace of mind, consistent high-quality sound, and extending the life of your sound system.

1. Amplifier protection

  • Thermal limiting: cuts off to prevent overheating.
  • Output overcurrent: reduces the speaker’s output to safe levels in the event of output overcurrent.

2. Speaker protection

  • DC offset removal: shuts down to prevent further damage if the speaker blows.
  • Stationary high frequency protection: protects the speaker from loud bursts such as feedback.
  • Input voltage limiter: Peak and RMS.
  • Output voltage limiter: cuts the LF and compression drivers separately when either reaches their peak.

3. Power protection

  • AC mains over-voltage protection: protects against power surges.

A status LED on the front of the cabinet has 3 settings – power, limiter or off – giving an optional visual reference to the status of the speaker.

Flexible connectivity

2 balanced XLR/TRS combo sockets and an unbalanced RCA connection mean you can connect at the same time a Mic and other devices, such as line-level mixers or portable audio players.

Choose your set-up

Place the wedge-shaped speaker as a foldback monitor on stage, use the rigging points to mount it to the ceiling or wall, or set the pole mount socket straight or tilted to 7 degrees to direct the sound exactly where you want it.

Designed for the road

The durable, birch plywood enclosure keeps your PA speaker safe, while carefully placed handles take the hard work out of transit and set-up.

Auto-ranging power supply

Plug in the XPRS Series anywhere in the world – including venues with generators or temporary power supplies. They will detect and adapt to the voltage without compromising the sound quality.

מפרט טכני:

Type 10-inch full range active speaker
Enclosure 15 mm birch plywood
Driver LF:10 inch ferrite LF cone driver
HF:1.75 inch titanium diaphragm neodymium compression driver
Frequecy Response 55Hz~20kHz
Max SPL 134dB
Crossover Frequecy 2.0kHz
Amplifier type Class D
Power Rating 2400W peak / 1200W cont. (LF800W / HF400W)
Input connectors 2x XLR/TRS Combo (balanced), 2x RCA (unbalanced)
Impedance 10kΩ
Output connectors 2x Through output XLR (balanced)
1x Mixed output XLR (balanced)
Power consumption 162W
(W x H x D)
320mm x 520mm x 374mm
Weight 18.9kg

רמקול מוגבר Pioneer XPRS 10

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רמקול מוגבר Pioneer XPRS 15

רמקול מוגבר Pioneer XPRS 15

שם היצרן: Pioneer כולל מע"מ מחיר מחירון: ₪7,950.00 המחיר שלנו: ₪6,493.00

רמקול מוגבר Pioneer XPRS 12

רמקול מוגבר Pioneer XPRS 12

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